Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are set out to benefit both parties Home Check uk and client.


The home owner will need to know in advance that we will need to enter all rooms necessary to carry out either the estimate or report.

We take no responsibility for damage caused whilst visiting the property and carrying out what is asked of us and we are of the understanding that we have permission from the home owner to make in depth searches. However we will try our best to take precautions to avoid this.

2 forms of idenifcation are required in order to carry out any service to give proof of current address. After payment is received should you wish, your details will be destroyed.

We aim to make contact within 7 days of confirmation. The estimate or report should be emailed or sent within a further 3 days.

Payment is strictly due within 3 days of invoice which will be sent with paperwork.

Building Report

We try to find all manholes and lift the lids but if rusted, we will be unable to look inside

The price given doesn't include movingthe home owners possestions. We take no responsibility for areas missed due to be covered by items restricting us from carrying out a thorough report.

When carrying out the report, necessary access equipment like ladders can only be used if the situation allows us. The the building is set around uneven or soft ground this make effect how thorough we can be.


The price covering 3 jobs allows you 3 different jobs not 3 types of extension. A conservatory counts as an extension.

Work that can be priced can be anything covered by Aspire Building & Construction LTD.