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1. What is the differance between a home buyers' report, a structural survey and a building inspection report?

Answer: The first type of survey is a Home Buyers’ Report, also known as Valuation. This is a report that is intended to be more cost effective to buy than a full survey (also known as a Building Inspection Report or Structural Survey) by enabling the surveyor to report in a set format reducing the hours required to produce a report. The second type of survey is a Building Inspection Report, also known as a Structural Survey or a Full Survey. This includes a full inspection of all accessible parts of the property (we carry ladders and tools to gain better access to reach far more areas) and reports in detail upon everything that can be seen. This will describes any faults found and where and with some the urgency of the problem.

Formally known as a Building Inspection Report this type of survey is also sometimes described as a ‘Full Survey’ or ‘Structural Survey’. The term Structural Survey although widely used by the public is not generally used by Chartered Building Surveyors any longer as it is thought the term ‘structural’ is a little ambiguous and left people unsure what precisely was included within the survey as generally a structural report won’t be given. They inspect the structure but not the structural elements as do we. But we do however have a structural engineer who can give advice should it be required but will come at extra cost.

2. What information would be needed for you to carry out a report or estimate?

Answer: We need just a few details - Name, contact numbers, Address you are looking to purchase, current address, service you have chosen, whether you wish to be present, contact details of vendor or estate agent, a signed confirmation and 2 forms of identification. If you wish to read the Terms & Conditions click here

3. How much should I expect to pay for a building Inspection report, structural survey or full survey?

Answer: The cost of these services will vary between companies. Also the size, value of the property and depend on where the property is in the country. As a rough guide we think that within the South of England a full survey of a 3 bed house should typically cost around £1000 and a home buyers report would be around £0-350 depending on the lender. If you add the cost of the basic survey and Building report we offer there will be a clear saving without the compromise of anything be missed or forgotten.

4. If the report finds any defects with the building, Can I use this to help reduce the asking price?

Answer: Once you have the report you may do as you wish with it. It is a very useful tool when trying to reduce the asking price or for peace of mind.

5. Can an inspection be carried out on a residential flat?

Answer: Depending on the location we may be able to carry out the service but price with be upon application.

6. What is included in the report?

Answer: The report includes a lot of visual inspections of different aspect of the property. Depending on the size and service required we look in to small details as well as large. For example condition of boundary walls, roof coverings Fascia, soffit and guttering. Even down to whether the door squeaks.

I would be unable to provide a full list.

7. Are any building services like plumbing or electrical installations included within the price of the Inspection?

Answer: We do offer this service called the gold service. We would organise them to carry out the inspection at the same time as the report, keeping the disruption to a minimum.

They are qualified engineers with gas safe register and Nic eic.

8. The agent of the seller's property appeared keen to sell me the homebuyers report. Is there any reason for this?

Answer: Many estate agents have formal or informal associations with Chartered Building Surveyors so that the service can be carried out quickly on properties that they are involved in. Some purchasers may feel that using a surveyor recommended by the vendors agents may constitute a conflict of interest. You are entitled to uses whomever you choose.

9. If the vendor or I pull out of the sale of the property after I have paid for the report can I ask for my money back?

Answer: No once you have instructed us to carry out the service and signed a confirmation, you can not request a full refund. You can however cancel provided it is over 48 hours before the arranged date to visit with a cancellation cost of £30 admin fee.

10. If I choose the report option which includes 8 rooms, can I pick which ones?

Answer: Typically a house containing 8 rooms maximum would include Lounge, dining room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, bathroom and 1 room of choice. If you have 4 bedrooms or more reception rooms then you will need a package with additional rooms. We cover the entire property not rooms of choice. So therefore it is based on the amount of rooms the property has regardless of whether they need inspecting.

11. Need another question added. Do you check for damp?

Answer – We check for visual damp on the inside but we don’t check for damp using a reader/meter due to most houses having some damp in at least one of the rooms which isn’t generally harmful to anyone or the structure.