Building Report

A house is probably one of the largest investments you are ever likely to make, which is why the role of a residential inspector is so important. An inspection can be educational for the home owner or home buyer in revealing any safety risks or health issues about the home. Whatever your budget this service is designed to affordable and with your safety and money in question, the peace of mind this offers should make it an easy choice.

We follow a thorough checklist with over 200+ points based on a 3 bed house. As an example of what we cover on a typical 3 bed house is listed below:

  • Condition of boundaries.
  • Condition of drives and paths
  • Condition of manholes
  • Condition of roof and guttering
  • Condition of internal rooms
  • Condition of exterior walls
  • Condition of roof structure found in loft

We go further then a general home buyers' report and some full survey's. Usually you will find that a manhole lid would have to be lifted prior to a visit otherwise they will not inspect the manhole. The guttering would not be checked for leaks or flow. In some cases not look in the loft unless a ladder was provided and in place. We check all of these and much more giving a compresive search and report on the health of your potential property.

    There are many benefits to carrying out the residential health report.

  • You may need advice on potential work you have found
  • You need a thorough report carried out for peace of mind
  • You may wish to try to reduce the asking price (increasingly this is main reason for this report)

Please note: This service doesn't cover any detailed structural advice as this would need to carried out by a qualified structural engineer. We will however look at structural issues like cracks and movement. These will be added into the report but we will be unable to give advice through calcualtions.

The reports offered can either be just written or written and a remedy of what action is necessary to resolve the problem.

The written report will be given over the post or email. This is written in detail, explaining the problem areas.

The written and remedy report shows what area has the problem and explains the remedy.

Once you have this report you can use this to approach building companies or use to work through yourself once purchased.

You could save around £900 using this service*

*This is based on using our building report in conjunction with the standard Home buyers’ report. Cost of the Homebuyers’ report in some cases offer £0 fee for valuation (Homebuyer’s report) and Full survey around £1000 +.