We are a southampton based company set up to to offer Inspections to residential properties. Buying a property will be for most the biggest purchase made and with that in mind, around 80% of people spend less than 15 minutes looking around the property. Even if you were to spend a greater amount of time looking around a property would you gain anything? Would you find potential faults? This is where we can help.

This service is mainly aimed at the pre-purchase customers looking to buy a property and is offered in 2 parts. One is estimating potential work which may be necessary or two is the health report. You can either choose both services or one of them.

By filling in a simple form giving us a few details we can deal direct with either the vendor, estate agent or yourself.


If you have intentions of purchasing a house and need estimates for work, you may find that it is a struggle to find a builder to come and give you an estimate. This is because if a builder were to visit and the sale falls through then they have wasted their time. This is where our service could be used. For more details about this service then click here.


If you require a health report that looks further into detail then a surveyor possibly would then we could also help here. We follow a thorough list of areas covering the entire building and the land in which your building sits. From the ground and below to the roof and the tip of the chimney with nothing missed in between. For more details about this service click here


We go further then a general home buyers' report and some full survey's. Usually you will find that a manhole lid would have to be lifted prior to a visit otherwise they will not inspect the manhole. The guttering would not be checked for leaks or flow. In some cases not look in the loft unless a ladder was provided and in place. We check all of these and much more giving a comprehensive search and report on the health of your potential property.

    Reasons for using our services

  • Local service- We cover Southampton and surrounding areas only
  • Direct contact - You can speak to us direct and meet us at the property should you wish.
  • Easy booking - You can book by email or post
  • Quick appointment response - We aim to visit the property with 7 days and complete the estimate or report with a further 3 days